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Munich Airport

The airport is a specific landscape shaped by the systems and forms of technology. The main objectives for the development of the corporate design were derived from this: the spatial synthesis between architecture and landscape, the interpretation of the landscape structures and their conclusive transfer to the airport and the visualisation of a design-oriented concept for the furnishing, equipment and signage of the buildings.

from: Flughafen München GmbH, Design Guidelines, Part 2, Landscape, Buildings, Equipment, 1992

Munich Airport
Design guidelines »Landscape, buildings, equipment«

2012 | 2002 | Büro für Gestaltung Wangler & Abele | 1992 Büro für Gestaltung Eberhard Stauß | 1982 Otl Aicher, Eberhard Stauß
Precepts | Landscape | Traffic, infrastructure | Urban design | Buildings | Visual communication | Retail, catering | Art

Munich Airport Overall and visual identity | Design coordination

Munich Airport »Graphic« design guidelines
Logo | Logos of group companies | Colours | Typography | Business stationery, forms | Print products | Vehicle branding

Corporate Design Award 1994 des Industrie Forum Design Hannover | Book Art Foundation, »The most beautiful German books 1991«
Flughafen München GmbH
Karsten de Riese, Dr. Werner Hennies

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