Canon of St. Augustine’s order museum, Markt Indersdorf

The Museum in the Monastery Indersdorf examines the eventful history of the monastery. The newly developed logotype refers to monastic typefaces. The exhibition design responds individually to the vast array of objects and to the sequence of rooms. The visual appearance is defined by simple cubic display cases, texts, illustrations and horizontal letterings, which are applied directly to the historic walls, as well as the colours gold, dark red and dark blue. Images of the historical rooms such as the library, observatory and armarium are displayed as ceiling-high prints.

Canon of St. Augustine’s order museum, Markt Indersdorf
Exhibition design | Corporate design

Exhibition design | Design of glass display cases | Exhibition graphics | Design | Layout | Construction drawings and planning | Production supervision | With the collaboration of Jesse Hofmayr Werner Architekten

Corporate design | Logo | Colours | Typography | Layout | Print products

Bavarian Museum Award 2015
Heimatverein Indersdorf e.V.
Jesse Hofmayr Werner Architekten
Karsten de Riese

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