Education Campus Riem

Opening of Munich Riem Grammar School
Spatial communication, signage, wall design

Grammar school, Secondary school, adult education centre, sports park

In the future, the Education Campus Riem will offer space for 2,400 pupils with a wide range of educational opportunities. An overall design concept for communication and signage was developed in close cooperation with the client MRG and the architects h4a. Large-scale superimposed dot grids in the colours blue for the upper floors and green for the ground floor, plus orange for the sports areas. The canteen areas were highlighted in a dark red, the adult education centre in a specific dark blue. The different dot grids interlock, have a connecting effect and enable large markings and information through “empty spaces”, which are applied in different colours using stencil technology. Door signs and orientation plans are tactile. All necessary access control elements are integrated into the entrance steles – specifically for accessibility.



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