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Seeing and talking, reading and writing – these fundamental elements of communication are the defining aspects of the corporate design of the Munich City library. Who are we? What do we want to achieve? And why do we want to achieve it? What makes us unique? Who are our customers and users? What are our objectives? These questions helped verifying key statements of the Munich City library.

The Munich City library is attractive, up-to-date, creative, vivid, and urban. The colour scheme with 15 colours, black, white, and two shades of grey reflect this plurality. Different colours address different target groups and offer numerous design approaches. They define the atmosphere and transport emotions. They are applied extensively and can be used individually.

the new logo was developed parallel to Vision 2020 and was introduced in 2016 for the opening of the library branch in Giesing.

ITC Officina Sans Pro Book was chosen as the CI typeface – a condensed font with a distinct, open and vivid character. It is used in a conspicuous and readily visible way.

A clear visual language is fundamental for the consistent corporate identity.
Photos address the viewer directly, they support recognisability and create attention. Photography transports authenticity.

The layout of all products is based on a specific design grid – printing materials, website, letterings and signage. The flexible use of these grids allows diverse designs and enables a stringent, consistent corporate identity. The layout shows a clearly structured arrangement of short and significant headlines and texts.
The bookmark – always positioned at the top right – differentiates the products at first glance and supports recognisability.

Munich City library
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Münchner Stadtbibliothek
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