Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

Intuitive – descriptive – understandable – objective – animating

The terminals offer an introduction into the different stages of development of the site and its history. One of our challenges was to convey a large amount of information without overwhelming the user. Intuitive navigation, light and friendly colours, and a contemporary, matter-of-fact minimal design appeals to the user.
The animation is presented in a clean and even manner, to avoid unwanted dramatic effects.

The app offers the following features: multilingualism, multi-touch support, lightboxes/overlays, swiping of overlays and navigation elements as well as Parallax-scrolling.

Three different research tools allow the visitor access to information via touchscreens. The user can select and combine these tools. The interactive elements are meant to arouse interest and motivate the user to learn more on the subject. The information is not statically readable, but enabled through the research tool.

The terminals are mainly barrier-free with a minimalist design, the materials are inspired by the elements of the permanent exhibition.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
Interactive media terminals on the history and changes of the site

2012, 2015–2017
Design and communication concept | Navigational structure | Screendesign app | Digital reconstruction of the building stages | Animation concepts | Project coordination | Design of the media terminals | Implementation planning | Supervision of production
KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau, Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten
MOKOM 01, Schwinn Media

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